Empty Bowls Pickaway County

Empty Bowls is an international effort to fight hunger, implemented in Pickaway County, Ohio by Keystone Books & Gifts to benefit Walk The Talk Outreach Ministries and their Mobile Food Pantry. This unique fundraiser is a collaboration between area small businesses, ceramists and artist.


This is a unique opportunity for ceramists and artist to create a soup bowl for the upcoming 2018 Empty Bowl events happening at area participating Pickaway County restaurants. With Keystone Books the way that it works is when you purchase one bowl at regular price, you will get to paint a second bowl for FREE that will be donated for the events.

To book your own party at Keystone Books with a party of 10 or more please contact us at 740-474-7526.  We can also have a paint party at your location with parties of 10 or more.
PLEASE NOTE: Bowls do not have to be made at Keystone Books and Gifts and can be donated as long as they are hand crafted or painted.  Basically something that would stand out to someone to help remind them of all the Empty Bowls in our world.


For a minimum $10 donation, folks will be able to purchase a bowl of soup at one of the participating Pickaway County restaurants on one of the dates listed below, starting in March 2018. This will be done during the restaurants normal business hours and can be ordered along with any other items on their menu. When you purchase the bowl for $10 the soup is donated by the participating restaurant.  100% of the proceeds will benefit the Mobile Food Pantry from Walk the Talk Ministries.  To serve as a reminder of all the empty bowls in our community and the world you will get to keep the bowl that you choose.

If you are a restaurant in Pickaway County and wish to be a part of this unique fundraising opportunity please contact us here or on Facebook.


The Mobile Food Pantry, a part of Walk the Talk Ministries is a 501(c)3 Christian Organization that delivers food to residence within the county that have difficulty making it to a food pantry.

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