Keystone Kash

What in the world is Keystone Kash?  Well, Keystone Kash is something that you earn for every $25 you purchase from the 1st to the 7th each month.  You can then spend your Keystone Kash from the 8th to the end of the same month.  You earn them for any non-food items purchased in the store and they are valid on any non-consignment item like used books, pottery or basically anything that Keystone Books sells.  NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE.

Keystone Kash is printed on poker chips that also make perfect collectibles.

Keystone Kash is not earned on food related items.

Items that you can not spend Keystone Kash on includes consignment jewelry and Ohio author books.  Keystone Kash can ONLY be used in our “brick-n-mortar” store in Downtown Circleville.  Not valid in our online store.