Quick View of 2018

We are so excited about some of the things that are happening in 2018.  We will still be celebrating “Independent Bookstore Day”, our 2nd birthday party will be in September, Author Alley, book signings, pottery parties and so many things that we did in 2017 but there is more on the horizon.

For the first week of January 2018 we will be working on a store reset during the time our landlord is redoing the front portion of our store.  Our goal for the reset is to be able to get MORE BOOKS added to our inventory.  We have thousands more books but simply not enough space to put them out.  Since we don’t have plan-o-grams from a corporate office and most of our shelving is made in house by my family it is pretty much up to us to make it work.

We are working on the details of many of the new events and will start announcing more info on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/keystonebooksandgifts/) or you can keep up with happenings by being a part of our mailing list that you can join here: http://eepurl.com/b5DbX1

Thanks to everyone who helped make 2018 so awesome!